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Welcome (or welcome back) to our crappy website.  You probably won't find anything interesting here and definitely won't learn anything about darts, but this site's not meant for that anyway.  I just thought I'd use this site to spread a little drunken cheer and at the same time exploit and humiliate myself and my gay teammates.

We win again!!! 3 in a row.   Our mid season stats kinda suck (especially mine), but just wait til the end of the season...

This is a work in progress, so it will always be under construction.  I'll also be updating frequently so KEEP COMING BACK DAMN IT!!! 

By the way, I received a request to remove the first pic on the main page (you know, Floppy the happy dart shooter).  Well if you liked him and want to see him again, he's on the Contacts page, or just click here!


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