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Jack Off News & What's New 5/24/01


You smell something burning?  No, it's not Dan and Spooge, they're around the corner...It sure does smell like something's burning though...Ah yeah I know.  The Jack Offs are hot!  We're on fire damn it!  3 in a row!!!!!!!

JACK OFFS WIN (again)!!!


We got a new email address too...write to us at!!!

 If anyone has Gotham pics they want to contribute, send them over to me by email.

Don't forget the message board!  You can reach that here.  Post a question or drop us a line sometime.  We will act like we're really really happy to hear from you!

Also added a counter to track how many of you actually find this place amusing.  I don't suspect we'll see the numbers spinning like the wheel of fortune, but so far so good.  Thanks for stopping by.

I'm looking for suggestions to improve this site.  If you can think of anything, drop us an email and share it with us.