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Name that Pic

Well I'm sure you guys have seen how I try to say something about every pic on this site...Well now it's your turn.  Each week I'll add a new pic, and what I want everyone to do is email me their idea for a caption.  I'll post all the ideas as they come in and on Saturdays, I'll announce a winner.  If you play for the league or hang out at Duggans and you win, I'll buy you a drink.  If you don't, I'll find a prize for ya anyway (I'm sure I got some old socks around here somewhere....oh yeah, they're on my feet!).

Week 1 - Russ Pearl wins with..."HELLO FRISCO!!!"



Week 2 - RalphieRnR (not in the league) wins with...

"I'm the king of the world!" Bartender, please cut him off already...PLEASE?


And now...This week's Name That Pic (drum roll)

Send your ideas to