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Jekyll & Hyde

Jack Duggans Secret Unveiled!



That better be a beer down there Chig!




Another one of Jack Duggan's dirty secrets comes out of the closet!



Geez you suck daddy...that's 2 out of 3, you owe me a lollipop...(That's my girl Miranda)



The leader, the ghost, and the webmaster

The larger of the siamese twins had a mysterious growth on his right shoulder


Come any closer and I'll burn you with this cigarette drunk boy!


Ay Caramba! That Everclear goes down smooth


I told you they want me...Hey! Who the hell is he?


What part of no don't you understand?  You can't go back to the Jack Offs Mike.


Now this is a family portrait!


Look ma!  I can count to dis much!!!


I can think of a million things to say, but I'll pass on this one