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Welcome to the fall 2000 season. As another season unfolds, I'd like to welcome the new bars to our league; B66 Club, Shell Lounge, G's Place, Plugged In, and Dixies.  I'd also like to welcome back some old friends to our league; Luna Park Saloon, 773 Lounge, and Starlite Lounge.  I believe that we have the makings of another competitive and fun filled season together as the league continues to grow.
I'd like to thank Marge and Jackie Costello, of the Claddagh Inn, for co-sponsoring the captains drinks at registration.

Captains vote new rule change. As per majority vote, the 301 singles has been changed to 501 singles, straight on and double out.

League sponsor notes. As many of you know, Coors Brewing is our major league sponsor.  Last season, they had promised us (in writing) new backboards and scoreboards for every member tavern, and they also had promised to furnish us with quality jackets for first place teams.
Apparently, they could not secure the proper backboards last season, and we are doing all that we can to get them to stick to their original deal.
Also, when we had met with the Coors people, we showed them a sample jacket of what we wanted and they agreed to sponsor "better" grade jackets, and "not wind breakers."   Somehow we wound up with windbreakers, and while we are grateful for any sponsorship, we are currently negotiating with Coors to make good on all that they had agreed to give us.   I know that some of you have been outspoken with regards to our sponsor, and all I ask is that we just give them a chance to make good before we do anything else.
So, for now, I can't yet report if we will be getting jackets or trophies (or whatever) for first place teams this season, however I will report back to everyone just as soon as I know.

All Star Points as always are one week behind and will appear beginning with next weeks expanded report.

Captains, remember to call in the scores after the game.

Good luck, and good darts to all,        Lou Matteo

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