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This week the Ghostdarter received a lovely little from our home office in Brooklyn. The top 28 dart one-liners. Thank you to the Dugganís crew for making this a light week for me.

On behalf of "We Cheat" and the rest of the Dugganís crew, we proudly present:
"Commonly heard dart one liners":
1- What's your weight?
2- Do you prefer singles or doubles?
3- Why can't you just get off?
4- You may need to sharpen that
5- I can't seem to get it to stick
6- Go downstairs
7- Way to even me out
8- Nice dart!
9- Point 'em hard
10- Go for the fat one
11- Did you hit it?
12- Is it in?
13- Who's up next?
14- Do you wanna play with me?
15- The more I drink, the better I shoot
16- Is it your turn to shoot?
17- Come on, just hit it!
18- I'm done, I shot my load last game
19- Watch where you point that
20- Shoot the bull
21- I don't wanna play with him/her
22- You crossed the line
23- I like to shoot from behind
24- You get me on, I'll get you off
25- How long is your shaft?
26- I'm gonna go home and point my wife
27- I suck
28- Do you prefer the top or the bottom?


This weeks MVPís go to John Kocher Sr. of TBA (70out), and Darin Fabrizio of Varuna (10out). Both players hit the winning out in 601 to give their teams a 15-12 win. Special acknowledgements go to Rich Mclean (r9), Roman K (t80), and Al Baron (t80).