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Item 1: (Say goodbye to Thursdays) The Ghostdarter is in a foul mood. I donít know to what extent this mood is setting in, but I can honestly say itís definitely a mood. Maybe itís because my wife has taken Thursday night dart shooting away from me. Now I can only shoot on Mondayís, Tuesdays, Fridayís and sometimes if Iím good Saturdayís and Sundayís. Since Thursdayís are now set-aside for Ghostwriting, my wife is showing signs of dart fever. Yes. Thatís right, dart %^&*@$$! fever. How dare she ruin my dart schedule for hers. Does she think she will get good? Hmmfff. Will she hit great darts like El Splashito? All I know is that now she is home early when she has to go shoot that night and comes home late when I need to shoot. Thatís right, I said NEED.Is she giving the Ghost some of his own medicine? I would hope not. I swear I will fight for my remaining dart nights. Us men have to take a stand and tell our partners that darts is a ritual, and a tradition that will not be forsaken by the sanctity of marriage. So now I take solace that on Thursday nights I will write the Ghostdarter article for our beloved friend, Lou ďI just picked up TimoĒ Matteo. As, I walked through the house tonight I see that Iíve lapsed on some needed fixes my humble abode needs to remain pristine. Much to my dismay I donít want to fix anything. I WANT to play a game or two. Is that too much to ask in life? I think not. My board is right over there, in the corner waiting to be hit, but itís no fun playing yourself. Itís boring! GOD! I want to play darts! I want to kick Gerard Byrnesí butt! He beat me in 01 Tuesday night in 12 darts! 12 %^&#%^& darts. I want revenge! I gotta get out of here. I need to get out and shoot. Damn! Damn! Damn! There are no darts on TV! ÖÖ..Wait, I got an idea! If Iím stuck here I will need to improvise.. hmmmmmmmÖI know!Ö..Martyís bar is now open on Thursday nights!.. Luck of the draw begins at 9 pm. I solved my dilemma, but you need to leave by midnight before she gets back, because she might want to play and itís my party and my game and my kingdom! (If anyone shows her this article my life will be unequivocally over). The previous article was taken from Sigmund Freudís ďDarts, An Addiction StoryĒ. All rights reserved.


Item 2: (The Missing) Ever since we found the missing double bull from Dugganís last season, we seemed to have lost Kevin (webmaster)(Ice T) Timmons. Has anyone seen the ole chap?


Item 3: (The Tournaments) There is a Luck of the Draw on Thursday nights at B66. (I wonít be thereL). There is a Luck of the Draw on Sunday nights at Boxers. (Maybe I will be there)


Item 4: (The MVP) The Mvp of the week goes to Chris OíHea of the Drunken Sailors who hit a 31 out in 601 to give his team a 15-12 win.