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Item 1: (The Ghosts Birthday) I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween. I slept through it. Darts take a lot out of you. I couldn’t hit a big fat ole pumpkin if I wanted to last Tuesday. Have you ever had nights like that? Is there a cure? A remedy? Ever see someone complain about not hitting triples? I wish I had his or her problem. Have you ever hit a T80 or R9 and lost? Rough!


Item 2: (Mrs. Ghostdarter) On Tuesday Morning two weeks ago I told my wife I hit 1035 all star points in Monday night darts. She said, “Is that good?” and closed the door and went to work. My wife came home Thursday night all beaming with happiness. She had just come home from playing Thursday night women’s league darts and won two of three games. She said she hit a round seven and shot really well. I told her, “That’s nice” and went to bed. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.


Item 3: (The Bronx Bombers) Incredible! This year’s World Series has produced some great dramatic baseball. I don’t know who will win the series but the Yankees have produced some great come from behind wins. Two 2out 2run homers in the bottom of the ninth to win games 4 and 5. Poor D’backs closer Mr. B Y Kim was on the receiving end of some Yankee Stadium mystique. Some psychiatrist in Arizona is drooling over the therapy this poor chap will need. Boorahbambinos!


Item 4: (The Top) I really really really really dislike the Platinum/Gold setup. “Yawn”. I think all the teams in both divisions feel that way. Don’t forget it’s polite to shake hands before your game, after your game and when the match is over.


Item 5: (Cancellations) To postpone a match with your opponent you must give twenty-four hours notice, especially if it’s not an emergency. I.e. Yankee tickets.


Item 6: This weeks MVP’s go to Anthony Weiss (44out) of the Varuna Spoilers, Beth Thom (XXXout) of the Drunken Sailors, and Matty McDonough (104 OUT!) of the dysfunctional Family who each hit the winning out in 601 to give their teams a 15-12 match win over their opponents.


Item 7: E-mail the Ghostdarter with any comments or topics that you would like addressed in the Gotham City Newsletter.