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Item 1: (The Tournament) This past week was our 501 divisional tournaments. Congratulations to all our division winners. Special kudos goes to the league winner( ) and runner-up( ). Big Boorahs for hitting the right outs with the right darts!

Item 2: (The Mrs.) Mrs. Gotham City is real sweetheart, and she is the best captain in all of Gotham City. If havenít done so already, check out a womenís dart match on Thursday nights. There are many fabulous female shooters in Gotham City.


Item 3: (The Comeback) How about those Yankees heh? How about those Met fans turned Aís, Mariners, and Diamondback fans? The Aís sure looked like the Mets in game 5. It was a nice little comeback I must say. Sayonara Mr. Ichiro Suzuki. Sweet Lou ate a lot of crow. The Yankees still have a little magic in their bones so lets see them win at least one more with this same crew.


Item 4: (The Misunderstanding) It was not the G Men+1 fault that they were placed in the Silver division. So to all Silver teams, please keep that in mind. The league determines which division teams end up playing not the team itself. Also, it appears that it is a very close division.


Item 5: (The Mail and Anthrax) Did our former league shooter, ex Sniper MVP, and old friend Jim Marshall retire on happy terms with the Postal Service? Just Kiddin Jimbo. In all seriousness though please be careful with these microbes. This is some ugly stuff. Stay calm, relax, and donít be surprised if someone homegrown is responsible. Timing is everything.


Item 6: (The Mr.) There have been some inquiries regarding a new Mr. Gotham competition. As of this writing there is no competition planned. There is only ONE Mr. Gotham, even if someone else wins the next pageant. Steve Luisi is truly concerned and loves the Gotham City Dart League.


Item 7: (The MVPís) The mvpís of week 5 are Dave Courtien of Norms Nomads(30 0ut), Dave Gellerstein of Out to Win(59 out), and Pat Griffen of Whatever(4 out). These shooters gave their teams a 15-12 victories. Special acknowledgement goes to Mary Taylor who hit a R9 for the Dysfunctional family squad.