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Item 1: (Controversy?) Did the Ghostdarter actually stir heated debate within the league over last weeks article? I think sooooo! As the Ghostdarter, I call them as I see them. If I feel something isn’t copasetic I will express my views. With that said, my opinion is not the only one that can be expressed in this column. If you E-mail me with a response to anything I write I will be sure to print it as long as you leave the expletives out. One such response came from Captain Ammo of the Whatever team (jr swindle from last weeks article). He wrote, “This in response to the statement made by the Ghostdarter about the conf. 3 champs, remaining in conference 3. We would have been more than happy to go to conference 2. We had to fight to be in the division we are in now because they (the league) originally wanted to put us in a division with 2 first year teams. Obviously the league wrote off our league final 4 play as void. We didn't even receive a plaque for conference 3 champs. We are not a team of complainers. We go out and have fun. But if we are going to be criticized for being in this division (and we are not mad for the Ghost’ statement, even the Ghostdarter has a right to express his opinion. Its only a dart news letter) it’s important that we set the record straight”.  Thank you Captain Ammo for your response.


Item 2: (Ouch) Steve Luisi (I’m Mr. Gotham!!!!) stood up for his friends (the Gmen+1) by expressing his feelings to the Ghostdarter regarding their silver division placing. The bottom line is the league placed them in the Silver division due to the way the Platinum/Gold division is aligned. There are very few teams in Gotham willing to play in the top division due to their opinion that they will not be competitive against the Snipers, TBA, and B66. It’s hard to argue that point. Any ideas for future divisional alignments would be greatly appreciated.


Item 3: (Mrs. Gotham) How does Mrs. Gotham feel about this?


Item 174: (Splash) Remember Splash Palmieri? Well, we have a new splash contestant on the “Right Dart Wrong Number Show”. With two trip 20’s sticking proudly out of the board, Freddy Figueroa lined up his arm and took aim at the trip twenty. Dart immortality awaits him if he hits another trip 20. Does he do it? Nooooooo. His last dart had more movement then a Pedro Martinez curveball ending up in the trip 18. Big Boorahs to Freddy “El Splasho” Figueroa


Item 4: (XOXOXO) Arianna Weisman the Tic Tac Toe dart champion of Gotham City. It is a dart game, believe it or not, and she by far, rules. Anyone interested in challenging Arianna at this game please come to Jack Duggan’s on Saturday nights and declare your challenge. Be careful, bring your wit and confidence cause psychology is part of her repertoires. She is rougher than the hostess of “The Weakest Link”.


Item 5: (Love is in the Air) The Whatever team and the league wish to congratulate Brian D’orazio and Jenn Kelly on their engagement. May the power of love keep you united as one. Please leave your darts in the car before proceeding to argue. I understand dartboards will be set up for their “Luck of the Draw” wedding reception. Big Boorahs!


Item 6: MVP’s of the week go to Pete Brennan of Half Baked(xx out) and someone on the Rolando Paulino All-stars who both hit the winning out in 601 to give their team a 15-12 win.