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Item 1: (The 2nd day on infamy) As we all know by know a great tragedy has befallen our nation and more directly to our community. My deep felt sympathies go out to all the families affected by this horror. I would like to express my gratitude to all our uniformed service workers who daily put their lives on the line to make our community a safer place. The Ultimate Boorah to all of you. Since September 11th I have felt quite differently about a lot of things. I been feeling sad, upset, angry, apprehensive, and generally not at ease. I have shed tears. Even though I didnít lose a close family member my feelings suggest that I have. We have all lost a brother and sister in this terrorist strike and I want blood. I donít care how itís done. I wouldnít mind in the least seeing those responsible for attacks hanging in a noose on the arm of the Statue of Liberty or punished in the Islamic way since they violated a major tenant of the Quaran. I am not the sort of jingoistic type but itís a real pleasure to see the New York community being very patriotic with flags strewn all over. Itís sort of refreshing to see New Yorkers come together as one big family and realizing they have neighbors once again. I am glad that I was born, raised, and continue to live here.


Item 2: (Double Outs)For once I would like to hit the right out with the wrong dart instead of hitting the wrong out with the right dart.


Item 3: (Mr. Gotham) I think the fabulous Mr. Gotham City is cursing less.


Item 4: (Mrs. Gotham) I think the fabulous Mrs. Gotham City is cursing more.


Item 5: Go figureÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ


Item 6: (Senior Swindle) The team swindle of this season goes to the G-Men+1. The junior Snipers should be called the G-Men+4. Count them. 4 ex Gold/Platinum shooters are now on that squad and they are in the Silver division. It was unfortunate I couldnít make the Captains meeting prior to this season, I would have never voted for the Platinum/Gold combo division the way it is now. Since I couldnít be there, I am expressing my views on this now and I will have to deal with it. My objection is that every Gold team that plays a Platinum team will get an automatic 14 points. Pressure is a part of the game and that has been eliminated for the Gold teams when they play a platinum team. So for them itís like a bye week with all-star points. Egad. There are more reasons for my objection but you get my drift.


Item 7: (Whatís in a name) As I looked over the divisions, some of this seasons team names struck me in a laughable way. The Rolando Paulino All-stars! Roflmao! I hope their players are of legal drinking age.

Fore! It should read Fore? WtfÖÖ..Wednesday Mornings a Bitch. So true, but for some us Monday and Friday mornings suck too.


Item 8: (Junior swindle) How did the conference 3 team champions and league semi-finalists end up back in conference 3? How did a conference 3 mediocre team end up in conference 2?


Item 9: (A Mystery) Does anyone know anyone in the SW Conference? This question is still pending from last season.


Item 10: MVPís of the week are those that hit the winning out in 601 to give their team a 15-12 victory. Rich Mclean of the Snipers (30), Robert Ludwig of the Wolfpack (2).Dorothy Zorn of Out to Win (42), and someone from the Jack-offs who we donít know cause we didnít receive their match report yet.


STATS: As of this writing 4,993 still missing and 380 confirmed dead. We will miss all of you. God bless you and God bless the U.S.A.. The dart stats are truly meaningless at this point.